Mark Cowtan


Mark Cowtan, British, American citizen.
Now living in Quito, Ecuador

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with 25 years experience in B2B technology marketing for Silicon Valley companies.  In 2012 I emigrated to Ecuador for a less frantic lifestyle, more family time and freedom over the type of work I choose to do.

I started RightSize Marketing to offer Startups an effective, affordable way to move faster and scale. So business owners and marketers can spend your precious time on things only you can do, not micromanaging contractors or doing mundane stuff yourself.

Working with me, you get access to high caliber marketing at an exceptional price point. And you can leverage my extensive outsource network to cut costs all the way down the line – from marketing strategy and go-to-market plans, to execution and results.

Just focus on the outcome you want. I’ll get it done right.

Having been through numerous startups, including my own, I understand what a monumental task it is to launch a company, and how crucial it is to be fast, and get it right the first time. Above all, I appreciate your time is sacred, not to be wasted overseeing outsourced projects, or dealing with minutia.

Let me help you get your time back and focus on what matters most. Let me jump-start your marketing so you get to market quickly, capture leads and start producing revenue. I’ll help you think big, move fast, and spend less.

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