Jon Manning

Jon Manning

Jon Manning, Australian citizen.
Lives in Melbourne, Australia

Jon Manning brings some very important knowledge, skills and expertise to the Rightsize Marketing team: the ability to better monetize products and services with value-based pricing strategies.

With almost three decades in the world of pricing, it won’t be long before Jon is known as a pricing veteran. He began his pricing career with Mobil Oil and Ansett Australia [Airlines], before establishing his own consultancy business, Sans Prix (French for Priceless).

Jon is also an entrepreneur. In 2011, he recognized a hole in the market for quick answers to pricing questions, as distinct from full service pricing consultation. So he created, the world’s first crowdsourcing platform where you can ask a panel of global pricing experts and thought leaders what price to charge for a product or service, and why..

Jon was born in Nigeria (no he won’t scam you), spent time living in the UK, but currently resides down-under, in the world’s most livable city, Melbourne, Australia.

Download “Jon Manning Capabilities” SansPrix-Capabilities.pdf – Downloaded 700 times – 550 KB